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Value can be measured in time, space, quality and that more subtle entity known as style. Pavillon de Madame is an enigmatic sanctuary known to a rare few providing entrée into a very exclusive and private Paris. Secluded in the Place des Vosges a seventeenth century salon apartment situated in the etage noble of a deeply historic Hotel Particulier. With a bespoke designer interior and a sophisticated spirit these interiors are personal, generous, private and intimate .

A noble retreat for the most refined tastes, Pavillon de Madame, Place des Vosges is a grand private residence. Conceived for pleasure, exquisite in detail, practical in layout, with just the right balance of thoughtful amenities the property strikes the perfect balance between historic grandeur and sumptuous repose. Pavillon de Madame,Place des Vosges gives you the keys to the most exclusive square in the city of light. >>